Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle : A First Impression Review

Published: 22nd July 2008
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Well, I've finally decided to get it. A few days ago, I finally made the difficult decision of purchasing the Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle. Alright I admit it, it's not really that difficult because I got it at a real bargain. When I received the package in the mail, I couldn't contain my excitement. After all, the Nintendo Wii Fit is the latest innovative games and workout machine out in the market today!

What's In The Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle?

As I unpack my Nintendo Wii Fit bundle package anxiously, I notice that there are quite a number of items included. There's the Nintendo Wii game console, the Wii Fit Balance Board and a peripheral of accessories such as the console stand, remote for the games console, nunchuck, AV adapter & cables. Included with the balance board is a disc of software which contains activities or exercises such as the yoga, body balance, muscle building and aerobic exercises and routines.

My Wii game console also came with 5 Wii Sports games for Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Golf and Boxing. Now, you'll need the Wii game console before you can make use of Wii Fit system. When I was first planning my purchase, I noticed that there were many packages selling at rock bottom prices all over the web. But beware, most of them don't include the Wii game console! You may end up paying more if you buy them separately. If you don't have the Wii game console, the more economic choice will be the Wii Fit bundle as retailers tend to package them at a more attractive price.

My Workout Experience On the Nintendo Wii Fit

After I setup the Wii Fit system, I started working out on it with a heart rate monitor strapped on my wrist. It took a while for me to get used to the menu navigation though frankly, they're pretty user friendly. It may take some time off the workout time but I'm sure that can be minimized once I get more familiar with the system.

What I've noticed was, some of the activities didn't gave me as good a workout as I expected. The soccer heading game was a disappointment and didn't even raise my heart rate above the minimum. And when I compared my statistics across activities such as the Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobic and Balance, the aerobic section stood out.

My favourite by far was the Hula Hoop game. As I tried to balance myself, keeping all the hoops in the air while catching some more, my heart beat was raised to 172bpm. Not only was it a good workout, it was pretty fun and enjoyable.

Perhaps you may be asking "So, do you think the Nintendo Wii Fit is a good way to lose weight?". Personally I don't think the Wii Fit can really help to lose much weight given the nature of the activities involved. Maybe a pound or two a week. But I'm sure they'll be quite effective in another department of your life.

Lifestyle and fun.

Marlene Gardner is a freelance writer. If you're looking to pick up a Wii Fit Bundle or Wii Fit Balance Board, check out this Nintendo Wii Fit speciality store.

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